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Food Grade Tanker

Schober Transport is the largest for hire bulk potable water transporter in southern California. We specialize in transporting bulk mountain spring water from the source to bottling plants. However, with our California Department of Public Health issued Water Hauling license we can haul any kind of potable water in our dedicated potable water tankers. Our fleet of potable water tankers includes 6400 gallon, 6500 gallon, and 6700 gallon tankers. We also have a set of doubles with two 3250 gallon tank trailers. Our non-dedicated food grade tankers can handle just about any food grade liquid including wine, beer, juice, and oils. All of our food grade tankers are sanitized by certified food grade washout facilities and our drivers are trained in sanitary procedures.   

Non-Food Grade Tanker

Schober Transport has a fleet of stainless steel non-food grade tankers equipped with pumps and baffles to meet your liquid hauling needs. These tankers can haul but are not limited to water for construction and liquid fertilizer. Our fleet also features a dedicated tanker for automotive grade Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) fully equipped with filter, pump, meter, and hose reel. Perfect for one stop drops or milk runs. Drivers hold Transportation Worker Identification Credentials (TWIC) for access to ports.


Flatbed and Step Deck

Schober Transport offers flatbed and step deck services. Common items we haul are nursery trees, bagged fertilizer, and drywall. All trailers are equipped with everything to get the job done including tarps, straps, and chains.

Dry Van